Community Merch Collections

Sell merch for your communities, make a profit, never have to worry about shipping or order forms.


TopShot Teams and Groups

We love to work with TopShot team Captains and community leaders! We offer special discounts and gifts for Team Captains and TS Podcasts looking to start a collection!

Collectin & Connectin

The C&C community embodies what we aspire to achieve with our merch store. Providing communities the opportunity to rep their collections to faciliate connection IRL.



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    Twitter: @3TokenMerch

    Information to include in your inquiry:

    1. Community name and purpose of merch collection

    2. Whether or not you have a logo or design to use or if you will need design work done for you

    3. What products you would like to sell

    4. Screenshot using sites like Custom Ink to demonstrate the style and size of font and logo you would like